According to the RoSME Statute, the objectives and activities of the association aim to:

  1. initiate, implementate and promote own programs in the fields of education, cultural and arts, medicine and physical culture;
  2. sustaining projects of the creators and of cultural and educational Romanian institutions, promoting their collaboration with creators and similar abroad institutions, encouraging the cultural cooperation and the international proje
  3. identifying and organizing important cultural projects that promote Romanian culture at a national and international level;
  4. editing courses, original works and translations, scientific and cultural publications, magazines, albums, brochures, leaflets and other materials of cultural or social identity;
  5. organizing debates, group thinking, conferences, roundtables, tours, exhibitions, book releases, unveiling monuments and other means of remembrance, cultural or scientific symposiums;
  6. organizing courses, scientific seminars, roundtables, study workshops, with national and international participation, with a permanent or temporary nature, for professional training of specialists in education, arts and physical culture field;
  7. granting scholarships and awards to stimulate the professional activity in the fields of interest of the Association;
  8. sustaining other organizations and similar organizations for accessing grants and funding programs, either by editing projects in their favor or by training their personnal for this purpose;
  9. The Association also seeks exploitation and management of existing financial resources, attracting such new resources, and developing any other actions subsumed to the objectives appointed above.
  10. In order to increase the intensity of dialogue and cooperation, the Association will work with other foundations, associations and public and private institutions from Romania and other countries, for realizing joint activities according the aims of the Association.