The Romanian Society for Music Education (RoSME) was founded in 2010 under the original name “Societatea Română pentru Educaţie Muzicală” by the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, with the involvement of a great number of music educators and musicians from Romania.

The administrative office of RoSME was located at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in the Centre for Excellence in the Field of Educational, Cultural and Artistic European Connecti, main duties for the secretary centre being: responsable for drafting and issuing related documents, organising and maintaing liaison for various activities, to transfer information and exchange information on the web page of the RoSME, built in the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy site.
Focusing on music education in schools, RoSME started publication in 2010 as the magazine that we published:
- Tehnologii informatice şi de comunicare în domeniul muzical/ ICT in musical field / ISSN 2067-9408 (EBSCO, CEEOL, SCIPIO included);
- Atelier de didactica muzicala „Arta si Educatie” / Music education workshop „Art and Education” ISSN 2068-0694.

Since 2013 RoSME became a NGO working in partnership with Gheorghe Dima Music Academy and the Cluj County School Inspectorate.


- IDEI – Explorarea adaptării mijloacelor educaţionale on-line la învăţământul artistic muzical / Exploring the adaptation of on-line learning means to music education (Project financed by the CNCSIS/ National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education)
- OPMR – Observatorul Profesiilor Muzicale din Romania / Romanian Musical Professions Observatory (Project financed by the European Comission - POSDRU financing mechanism, 2010)
- PRAGURI – promovarea identitatii culturale prin traditii/ STEPS – promoting cultural identity trough tradition. (Project financed by Institutul Cultural Român -ICR cultural project 2010)