The Romanian Society for Music Education is committed to drawing together music educators  and musicians across Romania,  taking initiative to perform research on the science of music education, promoting the reform of music education and teaching and making contributions in enabling music education to give its play to facilitate the overall growth of human being, improve the cutural literacy of the nation and cultivate the elites of high quality. 

According to the RoSME Statute, the objectives and activities of the association aim to identify, initiate, design, support and implement projects and programs in the field of education, artistic creation, health and physical culture. 

In order to increase the intensity of dialogue and cooperation with specialized entities, RoSME collaborates with public and private institutions, associations and foundations from Romania and other countries for a joint accomplishment of specific activities.

  • As a national  association for music education, ROSME is divided in five divisions:  
  • Pre-school, primary and secondary education Division
  • Musical Higher Education Division
  • Culture Management Division
  • Arts and Culture Division
  • Music,  Medicine and Physical Culture

Organigrama ROSME